The Silver State National Peace Officers Museum's Nevada Officer's Memorial Room pays tribute to all Nevada law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.  A searchable computer kiosk provides a page dedicated to each officer including photos and information.  You may view those pages right here on our website by adding the name or agency you are interested in into our site search.  The sacrifices of life in service to Nevada date back to 1861 when Sheriff John L. Blackburn was stabbed to death in Carson City.


The Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is located on the Nevada Capital grounds in Carson City and serves as the Nevada State tribute to law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.  Each May, the names of officers killed in the previous year, and those discovered from history, are added to the memorial and ceremonies are held in their honor.  The memorial is maintained by the Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Commission, a private non-profit organization.





The James D. Hoff Peace Officers Memorial was the first law enforcement memorial established in Nevada. The memorial is named after Reno Police Department Detective James Hoff who was murdered during a narcotics transaction in 1979 but serves as a tribute to all Nevada officers killed in the line of duty.  Names are added each year.  The memorial is located within Reno's Idlewild Park. The Hoff Memorial is a maintained by a non-profit organization.

James D, Hoff Memorial Website




The Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial was dedicated in 2009 in a park next to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Academy.  The memorial pays tribute to all southern Nevada officers killed in the line of duty.

Nevada is a very large stage with two areas of major population, Las Vegas in the south and Reno in the north, with vast open land and small communities in between.  In fact, it is an 8 hour drive from one metropolitan area to the other.  The two local memorials address the issue by providing a memorial in each metropolitan area.







Blackburn , John L.    Sheriff    Carson Co. SO    1861

McMahon , Dennis    Police Officer    Virginia City PD    1863

Reed , Thomas    Police Officer    Virginia City PD    1863

Gregory , Uriah S.    Jailer    Storey Co. SO    1866

Rodgers ,George    Sheriff    Lincoln Co. SO    1866

Ryan ,Richard    Deputy Constable    Ophir City PD    1867

Smith , Timothy B.    Sheriff    Ormsby Co. SO    1867

Williams , Walter    Posse Member    Storey Co. SO    1868

Sheldon, S. D.    Deputy    Elko Co. SO    1869

Issacs , F. M.    Guard    Nevada DOP    1871

Ellis , J. J.    Undersheriff     Elko Co. SO    1874

Kelly , William J.    Police Officer    Austin PD    1876

Houston , Nelson    Constable    Ward PD    1878

Symons , Humphrey    Police Officer    Gold Hill PD    1879

Weaver , William B.    Deputy    Elko Co. SO    1880

Coryell , Alex R.    Police Office    Virginia City PD    1891

Mulholland , Joe    Night Watch    Las Vegas PD    1905

Mannon, Harry    Deputy    Nye Co. SO    1905

Brown,  Harry      Police Officer  Reno PD  1905

Logan , Thomas    Sheriff    Nye Co. SO    1906

Monahan , J. J.    Deputy    Lincoln Co. SO    1906

Stone ,Friend I.    Constable    Carlin PD    1907

Browne , Charles A.  Police Officer      Reno PD    1907

Evans , Ernest    Constable    Palisades PD    1907

Gilbert , Edward    Constable    Ely PD    1907

Stiles , Billy    Deputy    Humboldt Co. SO    1908

Holmes , John   Deputy    Humboldt Co. SO    1910

Hogel , Edward    Posse Member    Nevada SP    1911

Wildes , Mark L.    Sheriff    Churchill Co. SO    1918

St. Clair , Arthur J.    Constable    Deeth PD    1920

Requa , George    Deputy    Elko Co. SO    1920

Nelson , John R.    Chief of Police    Winnemucca PD    1921

Carter , Atha    Agent     USTD-Reno    1922

Bates , Eveleigh    Special Agent    So. Pacific RR PD    1924

Lewis , Charles H.    Deputy    Elko Co. SO    1925

Whitmore , Bryant    Guard     Nevada DOP    1926

Campbell , Edward E.    Marshal    Ely PD    1926

Allen , John    Deputy    Clark Co. SO    1928

Petersen , Ross   Police Officer      Reno PD                    1931

Chiara , Lawrence    Deputy    Lander Co. SO    1932

Long , Herbert D.    Police Officer    Ely PD    1932

May , Ernest J.    Police Officer    Las Vegas PD    1933

Lamb , Selah G.    Sheriff     Humboldt Co. SO    1933

Swaney,  Harry     Deputy Sheriff  Washoe SO    1935

Cotant , George    Constable    Mountain City PD    1937

Rattazzi , James    Sheriff     Eureka Co. SO    1938

Fugate,  Wilson    Police Officer  Reno PD        1939

Drietzler , Clifford    Deputy    White Pine Co. SO    1941

McManus , Frank J.    Private    Nevada SP    1941

Berning , Adolph H.    Constable    Carlin PD    1943

Griffith , Earl    Deputy    Washoe Co. SO    1947

Geach , Leroy J.    Captain    Reno PD    1947

Glass , Allen A.    Sergeant    Reno PD    1947

Chandler , George    Sergeant      Nevada SP    1948

Gallagher , Hugh   Deputy    Storey Co. SO    1948    AUDIO LIVING HISTORY

Carvin , Vernon B.  Officer    Carson City PD    1949

Hansen , Winnie A.    Deputy    Clark Co. SO    1950

Maroon , William    Police Officer    Tonopah PD    1952

Miller , George    Guard    Nevada DOP    1954

Neill , William    Deputy    White Pine Co. SO    1955

Dula, Robert F. Jr.     Sergeant     Las Vegas PD    1955

McGee , Wilber    Police Officer    Las Vegas PD    1955

Meagher , Edward F.    Police Officer    Henderson PD     1956

Hart , George A.    Deputy    Clark Co. SO    1957

McGuire , Robert    Sergeant    NHP    1961

McDaniel , Daniel E.    Deputy    Ormsby Co. SO    1963

Schmidtlein , Lawrence E.    Deputy    Lander Co. SO     1964

Fortye , William R.    Police Officer    Las Vegas PD    1966

Barra , George    Sheriff    Nye Co. SO    1966

Maslach , John A.  Undersheriff       Nye Co. SO                 1966

Nelson , Fred    Deputy    Lander Co. SO    1966

DeWeert , Paul    Police Officer    Las Vegas PD     1967

Burner , Thomas    Police Officer    UNR PD    1968

Mills , Michael J.    Res. Officer    Reno PD    1969

Slagle , James    Police Officer    North Las Vegas PD    1973

Walters , Clyde    Police Officer    Elko PD    1975

Gifford , Gary    Trooper    NHP     1975

Haskell , Ronald    Agent    NDIN    1975

Love , Craig A.    Police Officer    Caliente PD    1977

Rogan , James R.    Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD    1978

Harbin , James W. II    Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD    1979

Chelius , Ronald    Investigator    NDIN    1979      AUDIO LIVING HISTORY

Hoff , James D. Detective          Reno PD                   1979

Woolridge , Clark A.    Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD    1979

Tatum , Vincent    Corrections Sgt.    NV DOC    1982

Rice , George T.    Deputy    Lyon Co. SO     1984

Kahre , Marc A.  Police Officer       Las Vegas MPD         1988

Johnson , Gary L.    Deputy    Esmeralda Co. SO    1988

Bailey , John L.    Special Agent     FBI-Las Vegas    1990

Barnes , Glenn     Lieutenant     Washoe SO            1991

Weese , Donald C.    Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD    1992

Peterson ,  Daniel M.    Trooper    NHP    1992

Downs , Gary R.    Deputy    Nye Co. SO    1992

Borland , Carlos     Trooper     NHP    1993

Willson , Richard L.    Sergeant    Mineral Co. SO    1994

Elizondo , Raul P.    Police Officer    North Las Vegas PD    1995

Johnson , Larry    Police Officer     Sparks PD    1996

Hashimoto , Keith T.    Police Officer     Reno PD    1996

Minetto , Anthony S.     Agent    INS – Reno     1997

Minnie ,Frank Sr.     Deputy    Washoe Co. SO    1997

Maki , Travis H.    Sergeant    Elko Co. SO    1997

Sullivan , George    Sergeant      UNR PD    1998

Peterson , Russell    Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD    1998

Callahan , Edward    Deputy    Douglas Co. SO     1998

Spencer , Jack    Agent    BIA     1998

Simons , Charles W. III    Police Officer    Nellis AFSP     1999

Spencer , Creighton    Police Officer      BIA     2001

Bohach , John C.  Police Officer     Reno PD     2001   

Scofield , Michael R.     Police Officer     Reno PD      2002

Wiberg , John II    Deputy    Washoe Co. SO     2004

Ware, Don           Special Agent  DEA               2004

Prendes , Henry    Sergeant     Las Vegas MPD      2006

Menuez , Adam    Police Officer      Fallon Tribal PD    2007

Borgognone , Kara     Trooper    NV DPS HP     2008

Manor , James     Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD     2009

Beitel , Milburn III        Police Officer      Las Vegas MPD    2009

Nettleton , Trevor    Police Officer    Las Vegas MPD    2009

Leach , Daniel     Corrections    Las Vegas MPD    2009

Cooper , Stanley W.     Special Deputy    U.S. Marshals    2010

Deutch , Ian M.     Deputy     Nye Co. SO    2010

London, Jack David  Deputy  Clark Co. SO  1943

Hardin,Tracy   Correctional Officer Nv. Dept. Corrections    2012

Lawrence , Denny  Deputy Sheriff    Elko Co. SO    2012

Vanbuskirk, David Lee     Police Officer, Las Vegas MPD  2013

Beck, Alyn R.      Police Officer, Las Vegas MPD 2014

Soldo, Igor         Police Officer, Las Vegas MPD  2014


-In Their Honor-