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Badges of Honor

What is a badge?  It is a piece of metal to those not having the honor of wearing one.  But to the peace officer, it is a symbol of trust, of authority, of responsibility, and a relic having been worn by legends of the past.  Badges come in many shapes and sizes, yet they all come with the same meaning. 

Our collections include some 10,000 badges dating from current times to those nearly 180 years old.  They have been worn during the taming of the wild west, worn as the City of New York created its first police department.  They have been worn during the Civil War, worn by soldiers tasked with policing duties during wars, and they have been worn as officers insured the safety of our presidents.  Unfortunately, we have badges that have been worn by officers when they were killed while serving their communities.  There is a story behind each one, a history to be told.  We make every attempt to recapture that history through extensive research.

What is a badge?  It is a cherished symbol, held close to the heart by every officer from the first day until the last day at work, and then every day after so long as they live.