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The New York City Police Department was founded in 1845.  Since then, the organization has gone through several historical changes in name and operation.  Although the reasons and actions are a much longer story than can be presented here, we will present the visible differences in those periods.

The first issue NYPD badge, a unique 8-point (folded point) badge, was worn from 1854 until 1857.

The second issue badge, or Metropolitan Police shield, was worn from 1857 to 1870.

Known as Municipal Police beginning in 1870 and through 1875, the third issue rounded badge of the time was worn throughout that time.

The style changed to fourth issue from 1875 to 1889.

The square shield badge, known as the Potsie Badge, was worn from 1889 to 1898 and was the fifth issue.

The Consolidation Period brought yet another issue badge, the sixth issue, which was known as the Consolidation Badge.  It was worn from 1898 to 1902 as a number of cities were consolidated under the NYPD.

1902 brought the seventh issue and current shield still used today. 

This New York Metropolitan Police officer appears like the kind of guy that would take no guff off of anyone.  He apparently liked the freedom of carrying a bullwhip instead of the traditional nightstick.


Captain William Hogan joined the New York Municipal Police Department on February 18, 1877.  He progressed through the ranks of Patrolman, Roundsman, Sergeant, and Captain finally in 1897.  These photos provide a visual history of his career.  The beautiful badge was his Captain badge.


The 8th Precinct of NYPD was built in 1868 and was located at 19 Leonard St, which is now covered with condos.


This page offers the viewer the opportunity to tour what was the Silver State National Peace Officers Museum as though they were standing inside for the first time.  No, I cannot recreate that feeling, the aroma of the old stone floors and steel cell block but still, this tour provides for preserving as well as possible what was then, but never will be again.