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Restored Vintage Law Enforcement Vehicles

The museum restores and maintains vintage law enforcement vehicles.  These vehicles are used for parades and special events for the purpose of sharing the evolution history of policing on wheels.   We also maintain a close relationship with many other vintage police vehicle restoration hobbyists dedicated to preserving these historic vehicles for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Today, the classic car and hot rod hobby is stronger than ever, yet the American vintage commercial vehicle area fills a very special collector car group and those vehicles, including those used by police, have not been preserved or valued through history, making them very difficult to find and save.  We are dedicated to saving and sharing these special vehicles with others.

The 1950 Ford Custom black and white patrol car represents the museum in area special events, car shows, and parades.  It turns heads wherever seen and is sure to draw the clicks of shutters too.

The 1901 Oldsmobile Replica Car also represents the museum in parades.  Coupled with one of our docents dressed in a reproduction period uniform, this special Paddy Wagon, equipped with a pipe jail cell in back, occasionally hauls a volunteer, decked out in prison stripes,  to jail.



Although the museum no longer serves in the brick and mortar fashion and the process to bring the museum to you in the virtual world, we have continued to restore vintage law enforcement vehicles for display and parade use.  

Our next project is a 1934 Dodge Brothers truck, having served as the paddy wagon on Catalina Island for the XXXX Police Department.  That agency was replaced by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department decades ago.  This vehicle was delivered to the island new in 1934 and provided luggage transport for visitors.  It later was assigned to the fire department, serving as an ambulance, and then finally served as a police paddy wagon for many years.  The truck left Catalina Island for the mainland in 1960, was sold to a private party, and was disassembled to an extent.  

Work has begun to restore the truck to its days as a police paddy wagon, as seen in the conceptual drawing below.  This will be a multi year project as most of the back cabin was built out of wood which has all rotted extensively.  Those pieces must now be recreated, piece by piece.


The 1934 Dodge Brothers truck as it appeared as a police wagon and as it appeared after 1960 and before disassembly.