The Visiting Officer


The Visiting Officer Board became a right of passage in the museum, an activity reserved only for those who have earned the right to sign their name because they wear the badge and serve their community when so many others could not withstand the demands of the profession.  

It all began with one single board mounted on a wall, when we opened, but within no time at all that board filled with signatures and it became apparent that we needed to expand the space for our future visitors.

Those boards were guarded and cherished for many reasons.  We did allow officers and families to create a dedication to their family members or partner officers who lost their lives serving in law enforcement.  Several tributes were left with us.  But then there were the officers that visited the museum, signed the board once, perhaps more than once, and in the days ahead lost their lives while serving or from health issues.  We, all of us from the museum, will always remember these men and woman and have preserved the visiting officer boards for future public placement.    

Enjoy looking at the board photos and remember there was a dedicated public servant behind every name.