Washington DC




The badge at top left was hand made and worn prior to 1861 by Officer Spencer assigned to the 3rd District.  Prior to this, the back side of the badge indicates that it previously served as a police badge in one of the city wards, although the badge was repurposed.

The badge at bottom left was the second issue badge of the agency, worn the 1860s.  Notice how the dome of the capitol changes in later issues.

The badge top right was worn during the 1880s and later.

The badge at lower right has been the current issue style for many years.


Below:  The honor guard serves as the ceremonial team for law enforcement agencies and as such is tasked with representing agencies at funerals, parades, and special events.  They are the formal unit tasked with a very solemn duty.  Being an honor guard member in our nation's capitol would be a great honor.



The images at right include a hand drawn and colored work by unknown artist.  The badge clearly features the capitol building on it.  The image at top right is of DCMP Captain Ira Sheetz.  Captain Sheetz began his career with the agency at least as early as 1909.  The last photo is of an unknown DCMP officer.