Welcome to the American Peace Officer Virtual Museum.  The name has been changed from Silver State National Peace Officers Museum, but this site will continue to exist to preserve what was the museum, but in the virtual world.  If you visited the museum in Virginia City, Nevada, you will enjoy familiar features from the museum.  If you had not had that opportunity, you will enjoy your quick online tour of this wonderful museum of the past.  Please check back in the future as this site is further developed to completion of the virtual museum as it is far from complete.

The effort to bring the actual physical museum to the public began in 2007 and we opened doors in 2009.  After seven years in operation and all the time seeking to secure strong support to find sustainability for the future, we have discovered that support has been minimal.  We want to thank all of those who have stepped up to support us financially, by sharing our story with others, and through sharing of artifacts as well.  

And now, I we invite you to step through the jailhouse door into the museum.  Enjoy!



There is No Higher Calling Than That of a Peace Officer